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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm PST

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the first is the appreciation and it has to do with the amount of effort and energy in putting the document together that's before you today. it starts with your staff and their professionalism and integrity but it reaches out to all the departments. i think it also reaches to our partners in other agencies including the national park service and the coast guard, conservation development commission but it even goes further than that. it goes further to all the people who have helped us make this a better project through this process. i want to highlight the efforts of the environmental council. they've been very generous with their expertise and help us think about how to make the cruise terminal project and the america's cup event but the overall legacy of the city that becomes greeter than the sum of its parts. today's opportunity to certify the c.i.r. is a way to continue
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this process and to ward and that brings me to the commitment. the commitment that we want to continue this effort both in engaging our community our partners and other permitting agencies to refine the implementation plans, 11 of them, they all talk about the different as peblingts of how we're going to move this event forward. and put together something that we as san franciscans can be proud of. i've worked at the city for 10 years now. i've had the privilege to look at all the aspects of this effort and it has been unique and people who have contributed to and made better over the course of the last several months. with that i'll step back and obviously we're here to answer your questions. thank you. >> thank you. just two things, commissioner, one is just to thank the project team and all the members of the public and the environmental council. we've done this for so long. i just personally want to give
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my personal thanks to joy who has worked incredibly hard on this including some very, very, very, very late nights at the 11th hour and 59th minute before the document was being published. and bill weico who has overseen this. and all the other departments and the port who's staff has been incredible on this. i want to emphasize one thing that joy mentioned. your approval of the certification, your certification of the e.i.r. is one step out of many that will not -- that can now take place if you choose, of course, to certify. you are not approving the project. there are many, many other agencies that have to approve the project and various aspects of this project. you heard that the port commission, of course, will be taking some actions if you choose to certify. obviously, the board of supervisors will be taking a series of actions. but then i just want to emphasize that there are 12 other city, county and regional
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and state and federal agencies who have to take actions related to this event. many of the mitigation measures and concerns that have been expressed today can be addressed and worked out in those process cease as well. and i fully expect that they will be. but it's important that the public realize and i'm sure many of you do. i'm sure that they realize that it's not an approval on the action. ironically you don't have an approval action. but you only act on the e.i.r. but many of these agencies at least 15 that i count will be talking about this. so thank you. commissioner olague: commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: thank you to everybody. monique from the port and albert
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and to all the staff. not only to the staff but the great collision of contributors who corporated to produce a very good final environmental impact report and demonstrated and do at all on record time and demonstrate what question do as city when we work together. and this is very impressive. and i was also very impressed in reading the comments and responses that some of the concerns that had been voiced in response to the d.e.i.r. were answered and mitigations were put in place and i think that was extremely well done. and it was evidenced by, i think overwhelming support from the comments tonight. i see we have other commissioner who is want to comment but i was going to move approval but i think we'll get the other commissioners commissioner comments? commissioner olague: commissioner miguel? president miguel: president
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miguel: i think this is a -- commissioner miguel: as far as as the attention that the city will receive, i can't think of another event truthfully since the 39th world fair that will be worldwide recognition to the city. it's also very unusual because of the three different government nal agencies in effect that are involved. we have the city. we have the port commission which in effect deals with the state concerns and then we have the national park service. i've had the pleasure of working over the years on some national park and ggnra stuff with three of the speakers tonight. jane, becky evans and carol
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prince. they are and always have been extremely involved in the environmental end both the theoretical and practical. and i greatly appreciate the efforts they've put into this over the last several months. there were a couple of comments made by speakers tonight, watershed moment, legacy was mentioned several times. and they are all quite appropriate on this. i think the department has been an unbelievable job. i have a cardboard box like this that i had to bring in with material. it was just amazing. this is a work in progress. the group of san franciscoians that went down to -- san franciscans that went down to san diego to watch the preliminary races, made
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suggestions. those suggestions started to be incorporated. those are being incorporated. what happens next year, 2012 and the results and the experiences will be incorporated in what happens in 2013. but that's not the end of it. and several people have mentioned what happens to the city and the waterfront after 2013 is truly what's going to be amazing about this. i appreciate it monique moyer's comments that this will be the first time there has been a monetarily infusion into port properties in at least 50 years. and of course, something has massive as our port is that is extremely, extremely important. and not to take away commissioner antonini's word on
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this. but i'm going to move to certify the final e.i.r. as adequate objective and accurate. >> second. [laughter] commissioner olague: commissioner borden? commissioner borden: i just wanted to show the public that this is the environmental review documents. if you were wondering if it's adequate or accurate, and i want to thank the port and all our staff and all the stake holders that have been involved. i think the mitigation and monitoring report and e.i.r. really y -- high lites the best thinking. it was said from one of the members when she said that the air quality will be better after the america's cup which is astounding. i have a lot of faith and what is included here will be implemented and will make things better. i was looking a little bit at
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some sequa stuff and section 21002. it just says that for don'ting feasibility -- to substantially lessen our void that once our agency has documented significant measures to lessen son impacts the agency need not under sequa don't every mitigation squeem brought to its attention. and i just say that to say obviously things are going to change because of the negotiations, the conversations that are happening with the environmental community and that will continue to happen through this process. and so sequa does not require that you follow everything here. and it con temperature -- contemplates that you look further. chrisward won. they rejected the -- it does not
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require the inclusion of a draft or final e.i.r. the law clearly contemplates otherwise for the mitigation or report is required to be adopted but basically that nothing in sequa and the guidelines requires for the monitoring report be in the e.i.r. the real action is taken when the sequa findings are don'ted by the port commission. so we are not don'ting the sequa findings at this point. what we're doing isn't an appealable action but i wanted to bring those things to life and say this is why i think this document is adequate and accurate and i'm really happy that a lot of the people in the community are working real hard to make sure that this is a great america's cup experience from a public speck taylor raising this point but just the fact that our bay will be celebrated in the way that it hasn't been and the investment that we'll have going forward
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will far outweigh some of the negative impacts that we'll have along the bay. and i so i -- along the way. and i wanted to make that poircht. commissioner olague: commissioner moore? commissioner moore: normally the learge they are the more -- larger they are the more controversial. this project is remarkable because the e.i.r. has been tracking the project in motion. the project itself is changing because the boats have never been sailed and while there is precedent on observing the other races, what is going to happen in 2013 is something which nobody really knows about. and it's in the curiosity and in the way of standing together that an e.i.r. has been created. and while all of them might not be perfect, we at least have an understanding including an
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understanding of the ongoing responsibility of everybody standing side by side. i've worked with some of the details an listened to other presentations and i've seen so much creativity and so much people trying to do something with almost nothing that i can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support the approval of this certification -- commissioner olague: i think everything has been said. so i just wanted to thank staff especially joy and obviously the mayor's office. i know joy that you spent a lot of hours for this and thank you for your work. so called a question? >> commissioner there is' a motion on the floor, the certify equation of the final impact report for the 24th america's cup. on that motion commissioner
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antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. where are -- >> commissioner miguel? >> aye. >> commissioner antonini? >> the motion passes. [applause] >> thank you. commissioners, you're not finished. you want to take a moment to let them clear out? commissioners you have before you commissioners -- any commissioner questions -- >> ok. are there any? >> no one has anything. >> not tonight. ok. commissioners. you have the director's announcement and the review of
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the past year's events. >> there's no report tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> are there -- is there -- commissioner olague: is there any general public comment on items not on today's calendar? no, seeing none, general public comment is closed and the meeting's adjourned. >> thank you. happy holidays.
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>> i am the executive director of the san francisco redevelopment agency. thank you for coming. we are here to celebrate and acknowledging the spirit of this block of kucom. -- nucom. we have a close collaboration with the mta, dpw, and leadership from our elected officials. thank you. the investments that we can see
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here today in the public realm, incredible streetscape improvements, and then in the private rel., through the local -- low-cost loan program for homeowners on this block to update and maintain their homes, demonstrates the mayor's commitment to revitalizing our city's neighborhoods, starting here in the bayview hunters point community. in doing so, creating local jobs for san francisco residents. thank you, mr. mayor. with that, i turn it over to you. [applause] >> thank you for the introduction, tiffany. thank you for coming down to our brand new nucom avenue. for supervisor cohen who was
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with me, our public utilities agency, redevelopment agency, public works, environmental protection agency, as well as others, if santa claus has a choice on which st. he will visit first, i think he will come to nucom avenue first. it is a well-designed street, one that we started -- 16 of these all over the city. this became one of the most important ones, where we are getting the blessing of our planning department working in close collaboration with our model blocks program to design these streets to make sure that we do the most environmentally friendly but also resident- family types of things. you will notice some of the good treatment here, and some is hard to see, and of course, it is
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going to rain. instead of going into our storm sewers, this will help to feed into the plants here. whether they are on islands or the new, permeable landscaping. this will slow traffic down, increased the beauty of the street, make it much more engaging for our residents, and also helps with the trees that have been replanted here to increase the beauty of the street, but making it that much more enlivened with greene streets. at the same time, it took a few more months than anticipated. it was expected to take four months. when dpw dug into the main sewer
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line, they discovered some major work that needed to be done. they wanted to make sure that the sewer line would work perfectly, as well as each of their feeds into homes. while infrastructure is sometimes hard to imagine or see, you will be -- you are standing on the street that will probably be the best for decades to come. you will have an unstoppable sewer. no longer those backups. the fire chief will have a pleasant time going down the street to make sure that the services are there. as i said earlier, this is a beautiful project coming in, not only the designed for infrastructure, but the work force that was put together. i want to thank the contractors that worked so well with our
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citybuild program. 18 of that group are president spirit within that work force, they completed 43% of the work hours on this street. that is a very good standard, the highest standard we have had. we made that commitment at the beginning that our local folks would be hired, san francisco residents will be hired, and they did very well. of course we can do better, but with the 16 beautiful streets -- we have eight of them already completed. that includes van ness and we have five under construction. three or four others under planning, like market street. from the puc to redevelopment, planning,vs department, police department
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working gear along with the contractors, they all have to be thanked. the most important people i want to acknowledge today are the residents who live here on the street. thank you for your cooperation. q were working with us on day one to embrace the idea that we could use infrastructure to enliven our streets. i see a lot of smiling faces. you want to see santa come here, too. you are not displaced. this is your home. you what this street to reflect the duty of all of san francisco. thank you for working closely with everybody, thank you for your patience, thank you for welcoming us in to share in this new street. [applause]
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>> thank you, mr. mayor. supervisor malia cohen is a staunch advocate for her residence, as well as the residents of district 10. we thank her for her leadership on this project and we are pleased to partner along with her and the residents. >> thank you, good morning, everyone. seven months ago, many of us were standing here doing a groundbreaking ceremony. here we are making sure that our walk and talk were in line with each other. i told you that this was the beginning of a rebirth for a new neighborhood. here we are along an infamous street. those of us that know this area knows that there had been good and bad activity. here we are one block off of third street, celebrating the
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work of san franciscans, a shining example of our local hired initiative, and i want to the knowledge the public partners that make this a reality. we have new roads, and everyone is here, a physical manifestation of the partnership, not just on the city sought but the contractors, private citizens, working to make san francisco better, one street at a time. i am very happy to be here. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor. infrastructure is the backbone of our city. we could not have done this incredible project without the hard work of our partners at dpw. [applause] >> let me join the mayor and
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supervisor for thanking everyone for coming out. i do not know how many of you know what the street used to look like, but this is a huge change for the community, a victory. streets around san francisco, we will continue to make sure we have sidewalk landscaping. these gardens you see, when it rains, they will absorb water and reduce the amount of water that will end up in our sewer plant. the papers will also collect water. as much of -- as half of the rainfall will be a absorbed into our landscape and continue to sustain a healthy street and help the soil and reduce the amount that goes to our sewer plant. the design had been changed.
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the lights are human scale, they are not the tall ones that go overhead. they are designed to fit the neighborhoods. the plans are also from around the area, so they will do well, low maintenance, but with the newcomb avenue residents, they will help to make sure that they do well. this is a victory. i want to thank the staff from dpw, the project manager, and all the landscape architects who worked hard to make this a huge success. i am from the neighborhood, so i am looking forward to seeing many of these streets become more sustainable and enjoyable. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. the sfpuc is a leader in environmental stewardship, at the forefront of environmental practices, pushing us to adopt
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stormwater management guidelines, clean energy. this street is a physical manifestation of the hard work from the residence and a great partnership with city departments, including sfpuc general manager ed harrington. >> [applause] it is a wonderful day touk% here. when we do these kinds of programs, we have to have folks that will take care of them. the neighborhood taking care of it is important to us. stunning to see all of this cooperation. as we rebuild our water system in san francisco, we cannot just build bigger treatment plants. we need permeable pavement. 400,000 gallons of water a year will be going into the ground, as opposed to the treatment plants. if we can do that, we can provide water, provide a good environment, as well as provide
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good water for the people of this city. [applause] >> as the other speakers have indicated, this could not have happened without the leadership and direction from the residence on this block. speaking on behalf of the residence, sandy. [applause] >> i am also bringing the core that is important to this project. members of the newcomb avenue block have done a great job and we want to clear up some misconceptions about what happens here. i have been a resident in the bayview for 25 years. i have been here a very long time. very few have preceded me. this project originated with redevelopment. redevelopment a star and our
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eyes, and we were wondering if they could ever came out. they came out with this project, and it was their idea to help redevelop our street. with the neighbors on the spot, we were able to win the award. with all the neighbors, and redevelopment, -- and i also want to thank one whirled designed -- this project came to light. we were able to get it on paper, and from there, it went to reality, with the help of the other departments. i also wanted knowledge the core members of the group that worked on this project. mardina, nimichelle, juan fuent, anna smith. we met with various residents on
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the block, at my house, month after month, to make this project work. there is so much love that goes out to redevelopment again, for all of the effort we put forth. it took six years to do this. some people said that it would never happen. in my heart and soul, i knew we were going to get this done. today is the day, as sunny as it is, you can see the wonderful and beautiful result of all the neighbors that have backed us through all of this, as well as the other departments who have helped us out. we want to thank you. this community built this block and it is a tight neighborhood now. we not only what can pick up litter with each other, we go into each other's homes, each dinner, drinks, have a great time. we have


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